Welcome Dr. Sara

Nishtha Clinic is delighted to welcome Dr Sara Raghuvanshi M.B.B.S, to join our team. Dr Sara was searching for a position where she could engage with patients more intensely and treat them more holistically than in possible in Government hospitals. By good fortune she found Nishtha and we are very pleased that a young, fully qualified and very interested female doctor has approached us and has fitted into our team so well.

Land work

At last the monsoon is breaking and we get time during the day to work on the land. Everyone helps weed and mulch. The turmeric is particularly spectacular with its delightful flowers.

Tree planting

August is the month for planting trees when the ground is soaked and the monsoon will continue long enough to keep them well watered. This year Nishtha bought 15 trees from an aryuvedic nursery, selecting them carefully that they will grow at the altitude of our farm and provide useful products for medicinal use. They include neem, citrus fruits, ampla, harad, behra and arampali mango.

New plastic block machine

Nishtha Clean Green team successfully used an amazing new hydraulic plastic block making machine created specifically for us by Steven Archer and Les Brunton in Duxford, England and shipped with the kind help of Laggar Industries. With it we compress waste non-recyclable plastic into blocks which are used for building, particularly as wall or land fillers with huge insulation properties. We are very grateful for the effort and creativity that went into the creation of this new machine!

Indian Independence Day

Nishtha after school program on 14th August was dedicated to Indian Independence day. The kids made beautiful tri colour flags which they used the following day in the beautiful Independence day ceremony held at their school.

Monsoon Programme

Nishtha afternoon monsoon kids programme presents an exciting variety of activities attracting increasing numbers of kids each day. Simon conducts science experiments and art and craft sessions and storytelling are organised by Puja Anand. At last more girls are coming since we have tried to talk to their mothers to let them off their home duties.

Nishtha Eye Camp 2017

Nishtha with Bharat Opticals from Dharamsala completed a series of 4 eye camps at Rakkar school during which they carefully checked 188 students. Nishtha has sponsored the provision of glasses to all 66 students were found to require glasses who were very excited to have glass so they can see better in class. We will conduct regular follow up sessions to make sure they are using and taking care of them.

International Widow’s Day 2017

120 single women participated in a rally organised by the Nishtha team of activists to celebrate International Widow’s Day. They marched through the town to the District Commissioner’s office where they present their demand for Pachayat level ajudication and clarity about the definition of the term ‘single women’.

Cycle Program 2017

The children are back on the ground learning to ride bicycles! Nishtha cycle program for government school students was restarted after fixing the 7 bikes and buying helmets. 15 Boys and 5 Girls wobble or speed around the school ground with the help of the Nishtha activists who offer them useful instruction!