Kindergarten Shoes Distribution

33 little children in 4 remote baby creches received a pair of good quality slip on shoes as well as two pairs of socks each from Nishtha this winter. Vijay and Ravindra took each child’s foot measurement and ordered the best and most comfortable material from Manohar lal shop in Dharamsala. The kids were all very happy with their new stylish shoes and socks.

Nishtha Cricket Tournament 2018

Nishtha Cricket tournament 2018 was clinched by Khaniyara Eleven team who finally beat theYol team by 2 wickets in very close match. 12 local teams participated in this open cosco ball tournament held on the hard clay pitch prepared by Nishtha on the Rakkar ground. Refreshments and new cricket kit was provided for the final match which was held on the new Tillu ground which has more open space.

Sponsorship Students Environment Program

Our 16 sponsorship students participated in a day long environment program with Nishtha during their college holidays. Along with our team they visited local houses to see how the people are supporting our project by segregating and collecting their waste plastic in sacks. They then did a small clean up of the Rakkar area. The afternoon was spent on the Nishtha farm where Mohinder explained the principals of organic agriculture.

Harvesting Tumeric

Now is the time for harvesting the turmeric in our farm. After pulling from the ground it needs to be boiled and then our staff will prepare massage oil which is very effective for instant relief of severe pain.

Yoga with Navedeta

Navedeta, a young yoga teacher gave a week long yoga training at Nishtha after school program in which she taught the Surya Namaskar series along with the seven mantras. She provided each child with a print out so they could remember what they had learned. The children were very enthusiastic and really enjoyed these yoga sessions. Thank you Navedata!

Shoes for students

With the kind donation of a long term friend Nishtha was able to give a pair of sturdy shoes and two pairs of wool socks to each of the 228 children in the 5 local primary schools and the Rakkar Middle school to help them through the bitter cold here in the mountains. Ravindra and Vijay did a great job organising and distributing the right size to every child!

Nehru Yuva Kendar

Each year Nishtha helps the Government sports department “Nehru Yuva Kendar” to organize their two day sports event in Rakkar village using the facilities for volleyball, basketball and badminton as well as other fun games. Nishtha then hosted the prize distribution program in our Community Center hall. Our Project Officer Mr. Mohinder was invited to be the chief guest and distributed the prizes.

Special wheel chair

We are really gratified to have been able to help one of our patients with this special wheel chair. She is suffering from osteopetrosis resulting in multiple fractures which have been pinned and is not allowed to walk and must keep her legs extended and supported. We had this wheel trolly specially designed and made by Sukhdev Saggu and his remarkable team at Everest Engineers in Delhi . She is delighted and is now able to get around her home and performs her household work and creative work easily and with a smile. She sends huge thanks to everyone that made this possible!

Winter sports program

On 17th November 125 students of Rakkar primary and high school enjoyed a lively sports program on the Rakkar Ground. Mohinder opened by leading a quick clean up of the ground after which we arranged teams and set them up with equipment to play cricket, volleyball, football, basketball, badminton, skipping and frisbee. In the afternoon the students engaged in athletics, cheering each other on with great enthusiasm to excel in long jump, high jump and in running races. In the end everyone enjoyed welcome refreshments.

Sponsorship Dance

Nishtha sponsorship culture team was among the nine groups who participated in the district youth culture program held in Rakkar. Every group gave an enthralling performance which everyone enjoyed. Sai school was awarded first prize and will go forward for the State level competition.